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Susan L.  September 30, 2014 EXCELLENT!!  I walked in with my neck completely stiff, and unable to turn my head.  Kirstin worked my neck and upper back with just enough pressure to release the muscles, without inflicting too much pain.  I highly recommend!

Rich K. August 20, 2014 .  I am a marathon runner..I found Kirstin Zullo thru her website on google.  She helped me with a foot issue, as well as, loosened my hamstrings which allowed me to resume my training.  I will definately be returning!

Kerry W. October 26, 2013 : Excellent!

I was looking for a massage therapist skilled in lymphatic drainage massage and found Kirsten through the numerous positive online reviews. I’m pleased to say she was just as terrific as other reviewers indicated. Easy rapport, good listener and excellent massage. Highly recommended!

Terry H. April 23, 2013 Healing Energy !!  5 Stars!! This was one of the best massages I ever received. I felt comfortable, important, and heard. Kirstin listened to me and focused on the areas which needed the most work. This was the deepest massage I’ve ever had…but I wasn’t in pain. Quite the contrary, because I knew my muscles needed deep work. Kirstin did not rush into the massage either. I highly recommend her.

Natasha G. December 05, 2012 Top Notch Massage Therapist This year I moved to the area for a work assignment. For months, I asked around for massage therapist referrals and after failing to get one, I took my chances with an online search. After coming across Kirstin’s website, reading her impressive credentials, expertise and rave reviews I booked an appointment. My one regret is that I didn’t find her sooner. I have been getting deep tissue massages for years to combat stress and a rigorous fitness regimen and I thought I knew what it felt like to get a truly healing massage. Apparently, I didn’t. After my first session with Kirstin I realized that was the best massage I’ve ever had. Kirstin magically irons out the kinks in my back and the rest of my body without putting me through excruciating pain in the process. During the session I can feel my muscles loosening and the pain diminishing and better yet, I actually leave feeling better as opposed to feeling extremely sore. Her use of hot stones offers an additional benefit and literally melts the knots in your muscles. If you’re looking for an experienced massage therapist with top notch skills and the ability to provide restorative healing one hour at a time, look no further.

judy a. August 16, 2012 excellent  My back feels almost healed after only one treatment with Kirstin. I highly recommend her! Her office is clean and she is incredibly knowledgeable!!

Andrew C. April 17, 2012 Positive Recommendation  Highly professional, extremely knowledgeable licensed massage therapist. I highly recommend.

Thomas J. October 13, 2011 The Best!!!  Kirstin is an incredible massage therapist. Three chiropractors, an Orthopedist and a crew of physical therapists did not entirely get at the core reasons for the chronic muscle pain in several areas of the back. Kirstin identified all the essential muscle strains on the FIRST visit and has helped me feel incredibly liberated from the internal worry that this problem was something I just had to live with for the rest of my life. I am grateful for her professionalism, good humor and positive attitude that helps me see that this problem, though long-standing, can be helped and managed for the rest of my life. I would recommend Kirstin’s services to anyone!

Dora T. March 12, 2011  Kirstin knows exactly where the pain is and what to do to help release the pain. I have found her treatments to be excellent as I observe my body healing. She combines the right technique and pressure. Her services are affordable, accessible, convenient, and exactly what is needed. I recommend you schedule an appointment and experience her perfection yourself!

Maria C. February 28, 2011 AMAZING  I have received massages all over Westchester County and throughout the world and I have to say the massage I got last week from Kirstin was one of the best I have had in a long time. Kirstin is not only a very skilled therapist but she paid attention to what I told her was wrong and used all of her knowledge to help deal with my injury?only one session almost completely fixed it. Kirstin is attentive, knowledgeable and went out of her way to find an appt time that works with my crazy schedule. I would not hesitate to refer everyone I know to Kirstin Zullo.

Ron I. February 27, 2011 Improving my Life  I had been going to a massage therapist for five years and then had to suddenly find a new one. I decided to go to Ms. Zullo and never looked back. She was very professional, but more important thoroughly addressed my physical condition. I had been going through a lot of stress in my life, brought about by my job and my health problems. As a result the muscles in my body were very tight. She was able to locate the areas of concern and worked on them until she felt the problem was correctly addressed. She was right on. I have been going back ever since. My job is still stressful, my health is being worked on but I know that when my body reacts to this stress, I have a message therapist who always gets to the root of the problem and helps tremendiously!

Dominick s. February 27, 2011 wonderful I found Kirstin thru her website. Her office is clean and professional. I relaxed on her heated table and was incredibly disappointed when the massage was over. It was wonderful.

Johanna S. February 27, 2011 excellent My massage was exactly what i needed..Ms. Zullo focused on the areas that i asked her too, and did an amazing job.

sheema b. January 14, 2011 SB  Kirstin’s massage gave me back mobility in my neck area. I could not move my neck as freely before I went to her. She has very good insight and knows how to treat the problem. I thank her for expertise and dedication!

Ronald P. November 11, 2010 Kristin = amazing  I came to Kristin as a knotty achy mess and left feeling like superman. Kristin has gifted hands and is a true professional. I will recommend her to everyone. THANK YOU!!!

robert l. October 27, 2010 Kirstin Zullo–wow.. what relief!  Kirstin are a true credit to your profession. I was literally walking on a cloud when you finished your treatment with me. Personable, informative and highly professional is how I would describe you to another person. The treatment was world class….excellent..excellent! Thanks again

 Annie L. August 19, 2010 Zullo, Hands of God...Kirstin Zullo has hands of God. Massage Therapy is her vocation, and that comes through in her dedicated touch. Her hot stone treatments put me in another world. I am a recording artist, and have gotten massage therapy from Zullo before entering the recording booth. Her deep tissue work around my neck (damaged from radiation treatments), helped me relax and produce sounds that I otherwise would have been too tense to reach. Zullo has created a lush and supportive atmosphere in her office, gorgeous fish tank, soundsystem, eucalyptus, comforting level of light, everything I need for peace, safety, and to enter a zone of comfort and warmth. Zullo is fantastically friendly, straightforward, professional, nurturing, will take care of your every need and concern. I am sending my Mother to her. Need I say more?

Vanessa N. June 30, 2010 Thank you!  Words cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am that I found Kirstin. I am a breast cancer survivor and I needed to find someone who had experience with lymphatic drainage massage. I found more relief with her in two sessions, than I did with two different physical therapists. She has hands hands of gold and a wonderful personality to match. She made me feel so comfortable during my first visit and I truly look forward to seing her on a weekly basis! Kirstin is so compassionate and has a true ability to relate to her clients. She id God sent: )

champagne j. June 28, 2010 Ahhh-mazing!  Over the years, I’ve had many injuries and illnesses. Time and time again, the most palliative remedy for my body and sense of peace was seeing Kirstin Zullo. She is blessed with healing hands and a lovely personality. I highly recommend her for massage and massage therapy. Whether you are in pain or suffering from stress, she will help you. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment today!

LORRAINE C. June 27, 2010 Hands of Gold!  I’ve been a client of Kirstin for about three years now, having first gone to her as I was having problems with my lower back. Voila! In just a few short sessions, I was pain free. I continue to use Kirstin…she’s got hands of gold and a heart to match!

Andrea T. June 27, 2010 Wonderful  I have seen Kirsten several times recommended by a friend. My experience has been even better than the glowing recommendation. I have many structural issues, among them rock hard trapezius muscles where I hold most of my tension. Kirsten used her skillful hands, fingers and hot stones to alleviate that tension. I have many more areas of need and I am absolutely certain she will be able help me as well. I highly recommend her.

Maria P. June 24, 2010 Excellent Experience  I went to Kirstin Zullo for a massage. It was a wonderful experience. She worked my muscles to relieve all the stress and tightness and I felt rejuvenated and relaxed when I left. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional and experienced masseuse. I can??t wait to go back!

Nathan B. June 16, 2010 calf & leg injuries ...I just had my first treatment from Kirstin for old calf injuries (strain, sprain and tears). She is a great massage therapist with skillful hands. I highly recommend her to help with old scar tissue in any part of your body. It makes a great supplement to physical therapy. I’ll post again in a couple of weeks and let everyone know how it works out. So far, I was very pleased with her massage techniques. I definitely recommend her highly.

steven l. May 17, 2010 massage ... i think she was absolutely amazing. very professional. her pressure she applies is perfect. one of the best massages i have ever had in my life. looking forward to another massage with kirstin

Murray S. April 14, 2010 Excellent!  Excellent therapist. Very professional. Medically sound. Very nice person. I would highly recommend Kirstin.

diane m. March 19, 2010 Highly Recommended  I have been to many massage therapists to treat my lower back problems…Kirstin is by FAR the best therapist I have seen…I highly recommend her!

kurt l. March 17, 2010 kurt ... I am a RN and suffer from chronic lower back pain. I have tried all of the standard treatments with no relief. I have been treated by Kirstin for the past 6 months and have experienced a 90% decrease in the severity of my lower back pain. I highly recommend her . Kirstin is the consmmate professional.

Nikki S. March 07, 2010 Nikki S ...Terrific!!! I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and spent many days so stiff that it affected my quality of life. Since seeing Kirstin for massge therapy I have regained mobility, as well as a more postiive outlook about dealing with my disabilities. Working with her as truly changed my life.

margaret s. March 04, 2010   I saw Kirstin following a drive down and back from NY to Fla. I was experiencing stiffness and horrible lower back pain. Kirstin was able to provide the correct pressure and provide much needed relief, looking forward to my next session. I am a professional in the medical field and highly recommend her.

Leslie R. March 04, 2010 Magic Fingers!  Went to Kirstin after I had a bad fall on ice, and my sciatica reappeared …….my condition has much improved after only a couple of visits. She knew exactly where to massage to ease my pain (and didn’t charge a fortune). Thanks Kirstin!! I highly recommend!

Terry T. March 02, 2010 Greatest massage you’ll have!  Great location, reasonable prices, tremendous relief. Thanks for a great massage. Can’t wait to come back again.

annamarie p. March 01, 2010 thank yoiu very much ...I suffer from sciatica and after a couple of visits with Kirstin, I cannot begin to tell you the relief that I have experienced. I just want to thank you Kirstin for all of your help.

kelly d. March 01, 2010 Manual Lymph Drainage Massage ... I saw Kirstin for Manual Lymph drainage Massage, on the recommendation of my Oncologist…….She was caring and gentle…the massages worked wonders…i highly recommend her.

cyndi p. February 28, 2010 Excellent Massage Therapist ... Excellent Therapist!..I saw Ms. Zullo for a lower back problem…and felt immediate relief. I highly recommend.

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